JavaScript Basics – Programming Foundations #05

javascript basics

Let’s get started with some JavaScript basics. By now you know that JavaScript is a programming language that deals with web pages. Not only is it simple to learn, it’s also among the more powerful and popular languages out there today. Create interactive web pages, games and learn about using JavaScript functions and objects.

It’s time to learn JavaScript! Let’s get started.

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Compiler vs Interpreter – Programming Foundations #03

Here’s what you need to know about the compiler vs. interpreter choices you’ll need to make. By now, you already know that source code needs to be converted into machine code before it can be run by the computer. This is because at its most basic level, a computer can only understand strings of numbers that specify different operational codes. Writing code at this most basic level can get ridiculously complicated, and so today we use programming languages to make our nerdy little lives a lot easier.

But before you jump into the actual programming, you’ll first need to learn about the difference between compiler and interpreter.

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Computer Programming for Beginners – Programming Foundations  #01

programming foundations

Let’s learn all about computer programming for beginners – Study the basic concepts and elements of programming on any platform using any language. Explore the different uses of different languages and learn how to decide on the right language for a given task. . Work with common processes such as loops, variables, conditions and memory. Familiarize yourself with the flow of a program and its structure. while exploring the dynamics of the program behind the scenes.

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TDD Python & Python Test – Part 01

Python 3 Testing and TDD

Let’s walk through TDD Python. Doing a Python test is very easy. I have written unit tests in Python, Java and C++, utilizing Google Test, Google Mock, JUnit, TestNG, Mockito and Powermock (Powermock+mockito). Python 3 is the easiest to test of them all. Python 3 being batteries included, comes with both a unit testing framework and a mocking framework. Let’s do some Test-Driven Development with Python 3.

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