Classic Games Selection: Nintendo to launch online Switch service by 2018

It’s really happening people. Nintendo’s paid online subscription service, the Classic Games Selection will be here by next year. And it’s only going to set you back a skimpy $20 a year.

With the recent launch of the Windows Xbox Game Pass, gamers are looking at what could possibly be a new age for the video game industry. Paid subscriptions are now quickly becoming a thing in the business. And this actually makes sense when you think about it. Why? Because most players are totally down with coughing up a few dollars for access to a large collection of games.

This upcoming new feature for the Nintendo Switch is also being called the ‘’netflix of video games’’. Well, that’s one way to put it. Netflix rakes in the millions with a similar business model where users pay a solid subscription fee to access unlimited quality content.

What we know about the Classic Games Selection

In a surprise move earlier this year, Nintendo revealed that it would be introducing a new paid online service feature to go with it’s Nintendo Switch console. And up till last month, we’ve had little to no idea how that was going to play out.

But now, the company has confirmed the release of the Classic Games Selection by 2018, along with an annual price tag of only $20. It’s going to be launched along with an app that lets you invite your friends for scheduled gaming sessions or chatting with them.

So far, we only know of three games that come with this subscription service. ‘’Dr. Mario’’, the ‘’Super Mario Bros 3’’ and ‘’Balloon Fight’’. It is possible that the original ‘’Super Mario Bros’’ could also be included in the selection.

Switch Classic Games SelectionImage Source: famitsu

The selection available isn’t much at the moment, and Nintendo might have to serve up a feistier dish if it expects gamers to cash out for this service. Meanwhile. Nintendo fans are keeping their fingers crossed for a service that will allow users to access all of the company’s infamous classical games.

We might be able to see more of the goodies to come this summer, when Nintendo is set to release a free limited version of the new app. You’ll be directly downloading these games to your console (not streaming them) and you can keep playing as long as you’re a subscriber.

Nintendo’s easy subscription plan for the Classic Games Selection

Gamers can play Switch games online for free till the paid service is fully launched in 2018. Then, you’ll have to get a subscription to access online multiplayer gaming. You’re looking at a $3.99 every month, or a $7.99 fee for every three months. A full year’s subscription is also available for $19.99. It’s not really a bad deal anyway you slice it. Getting membership is also a key to unlocking cool eShop deals, and that means a few bucks for players purchasing new games via Nintendo’s service.


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