Windows 10 Creators Update: All You Need to Know

Windows 10 Creators Update

It’s the dawn of a new age for Windows 10 users all over the world. The flashy new Windows 10 Creators Update has been rolling out since spring, and it comes with a lot to ogle over. Wherever the revolution is headed, this new Windows version is certainly like nothing that’s ever been seen before. We’re looking at totally rad updates, new features and handy tweaks that are constantly creating an ever-new user experience. Continue reading

A Micro Blunder? Windows 10 source code leak leaves users reeling

Windows 10 source code

Last month, Microsoft confirmed that some of its Windows 10 source code had indeed been leaked online. And yes, this new development is as bad as it gets. All the hackers and baddies out there are now free to sit and comb through the data and find ways to manipulate any vulnerabilities. The news isn’t exactly a ray of sunshine to users still shell-shocked from the recent WannaCry ransomware attack. Continue reading

Holographic Display Technology To Revolutionize Market: Meet Hydrogen One

holographic display

The future of smart phones is finally here. The age of holographic display has arrived and it’s here to stay. Say hello to the enigmatic Hydrogen One, whose kick-ass features are only surpassed by its exorbitant price tag. So is it time to ditch that old mobile and cough up the pennies? Well, maybe. The Hydrogen One certainly packs a punch with impeccable 3D content and other off-the-chart features that would make most tech geeks drool. Continue reading

Fuze Code for Nintendo Switch: All You Need to Know

Fuze Code for Nintendo Switch

All rightie then! Programmers get your capes on, because the Fuze Code for Nintendo Switch is coming to town. And if that sounds exciting, that’s because it really is. This is going to be a way more different experience than any other game we’re seeing on the Nintendo Switch right now. With this juicy twist, you’ll be coding your own games, just the way you want it. Wicked! Continue reading

Sega Genesis Flashback console to hit the market with 85 built-in games

Sega Genesis Flashback

What’s that you say? Retro Gaming is the next cool thing? We couldn’t agree more. The year is certainly looking up for all the hard-core gamers out there. With all the buzz over the X-box Game Pass and Nintendo’s Classic Games Selection, retro game lovers are looking at what could possible be a revolution in the gaming universe. And now, we’ve got the Sega Genesis Flashback to keep us hooked to our screens. Continue reading