How to Crop an Image Using IrfanView or Greenshot

How to use IrfanView to Crop an Image

IrfanView is one of my favorite software utilities. I find it to be very useful and IrfanView has been around for ages. I’ve written another tutorial on it before. You can find it here. This new tutorial will guide you on how to crop an image.


You need to first open an image in IrfanView. Simply double click the image file or use the “Open” option.

IrfanView Select to Crop Image

I find cropping an image to be one of the simplest things to do in IrfanView. You can simply drag and draw a square region on the Image. You don’t have to select any special options at the start. Once you are done with drawing you can click “Crop selection (Cut out)”  from the menu options.

IrfanView Crop Image Clicked

You can see the crop position and the size in the title bar. Click the save button and you can save the cropped Image. Refer here for file save options.

IrfanView Crop an Image

How to use Greenshot to Crop an Image

Greenshot is an open source application. I use it to capture screenshots. In fact, the screenshots for this tutorial were actually captured by Greenshot.


First you need to right-click on the Greenshot icon and click “Open image from file”. Then you need to select an image and press “Open”.

Greenshot Open to Crop Image

Click “Open in image editor”. This happens because Greenshot is a screen capturing software first rather than an image editor.

Greenshot Open in image editor to Crop

Now you should be able to see the image.

Greenshot Crop an Image Button

Click the “Crop” button on the left side of the application. You can also see the rotate and resize buttons below.
Select Image Portion to Crop
Then you need to drag and select an area to crop. Unfortunately unlike with IrfanView, you cannot see the size of the new image when using Greenshot.

Image Crop Confirm

After selection is completed, Click “Confirm”. You can also cancel it.
Save Cropped Image
Now you can click save. (Beware: this will overwrite the file)

And that’s it basically. You’ve done it! You’ve got a high-quality cropped image in your hands.

Got any questions? Drop a comment below and let me know!


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