Facebook Offers New Facebook Live Screen Share Feature

Good old Facebook Live. It’s the feature you’ve always used to broadcast live video to friends and followers, and it now comes with a fresh new twist. In its never-ending quest to innovate the way we share information, Facebook has introduced a handy new feature that allows users to share their screens. And so starting from today, the new Facebook Live screen share feature enables Facebook users everywhere to directly share their screen with friends and followers.

Facebook Live screen share – share your device screen on Facebook without the hassle of those pesky third-party software

As first noted by the tech junkies at ‘The Next Web’, there is now a new button you can use to share your computer screen when broadcasting on Facebook Live. Want to start sharing your screen? All you need to do is to install a Facebook Screen Sharing Browser extension in your Chrome browser, get to Facebook Live and hit the button labeled ‘Share Screen’.

To get the extension, you can just click on ‘Share Screen’, which will automatically prompt you to install the extension to your browser. You’ll find the ‘Share Screen’ option on the right, just under the ‘’Face-Time Camera’’.

This new built-in feature removes the need for any other extra screen-sharing software you’ve been packing and even lets you decide exactly what you’d like to share, based on application and an option where you can stream selected browser tabs.

Screen sharing was already available on Facebook Live for a while, but only through the use of a third-party Open Broadcaster Software, which was a tad difficult to set up compared with the new Facebook Live screen share feature.

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