Facebook Messenger Down – Server Issues Lead To Mass Outage

And Facebook Messenger is down again, for what appears to be the second time this week. Even as Facebook maintains that it’s platform is ”healthy” on its official Status page, users from around the world, particularly those in Europe and UK are complaining of outages across all Facebook services.

New server issues? Latest Facebook Messenger crash leaves users frustrated

The widely popular social app suffered another fairly massive outage the previous week, leaving hundreds of avid Facebook users unable to send or access their messages. Those issues were fixed pretty quickly, but now it looks like they’re back to haunt Messenger fans on a global scale. As at the moment, the source of these new complications remain unclear, though that certainly hasn’t stopped users expressing their distress on social media.

UPDATE: As of now, the issues appear to have been mostly resolved, though there are still several complaints of outages across the platforms services.

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