Furtastic or what? Google Photos can recognize your pets now

Google Photos is great. We use it to keep track of everyone’s photos, from cute snaps of Mom, Dad down to uncle Joe in his green pajamas. The app has them categorized and stored neatly away so we can always find them with the swipe of a finger. But what about our cuddly fur babies? Too long have their pictures been scattered all over your photo galleries, but no more… With this latest update on Google Photos, you can now see all your cute pawsome pictures in just one place.

Rolling out today to Google Photos users all over the world, this cool new pet-recognizing feature is definitely something to try out

As announced earlier today by Google, the new update can detect pictures of your four-legged pals and automatically group them together the way it usually does with people. The app’s algorithm sorts through all your pictures, so you don’t have to type in ’cat’ or ‘dog’ into your Google Photos search every time you want to look back on a few furtastic moments. You can label them by name and search easily by name or emoji to later access their photos along with pictures of you and them.

Google Photos recognizes pets
Image: Google

The app is supposedly able to distinguish from different breeds, though it may take some time and tweaking before it can accurately discern between pets of the same breed. So if you’ve got a bunch of pets that are the same breed, you can help out the app by removing any mislabeled pets so the app can learn to tell them apart better.

What’s more? You can also create a fur-packed movie or a photo book starring Padfoot or Crookshanks by simply tapping on their new photo group, selecting your favorite pawesome memories and then tapping ‘+’. Pet lovers also get to pick from six cool songs available in the movie editor for the soundtracks of their own movies.

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