Internet Search: from a Cry Baby to Internet Search Ninja

Are you a cry baby who cannot find things on the internet? Want to become an Internet Search Ninja? Don’t know where to look? Here’s a tutorial for ya! Let’s learn how to improve google search results the right way.

How to Improve Google Search Results : Level-up From a Cry Baby to an Internet Search Ninja

If you cannot find what you are looking for using simple internet search (Google search or Googling) you are a cry baby. There might be situations where you have to ask someone to do it for you (Errgh so annoying). This is not the case most of the time. I have had a shocking number of people come to me with queries that take me less than 10 seconds to find on Google.

Internet Search Cheat Sheet
Internet Search Cheat Sheet

If you know what you want and if you are not lazy you can find it on the internet. It is that simple.

Where to Look in the Vast Internet ?

Before you perform internet search you need to find out where to search. One search giant I can think of is Google. There are other useful search engines too. One of my personal favorites is DuckDuckGo. There is also Bing and Yandex. For now let’s stick with Google. However Google is a generic search site. There might be situations that certain sites will have better content.

Getting Started with Internet Search

I’ve rounded up a few tricks here to help you learn how to improve Google search results easily and efficiently.

Note: Your search results may be different from mine.

Situation 01: Searching for Free Images

Bunny wants to find a free image from internet. Bunny asks for Panda’s help. Here’s how it goes.

Bunny: I cannot find what I want on internet. Can you help? 
What do you want?
I need a free image of dog eating dog-food.
Panda: To use with…?
My WordPress blog.
Panda: Do you know where to look?
Bunny: No, Google maybe.
Panda: Alright then, Let’s find out where to look.

Google: How to find free images for WordPress
Google: How to find free images for WordPress

Panda and Bunny came to a conclusion that the Pixabay is a good place to look. (If you find more than one place to look, bookmark them)

Searching in Pixabay
Searching in Pixabay

Bunny: There’s another search in it?
Panda: Yes, as you can see Pixabay is a database of free images. It let’s you search it.
Bunny: I want an image of a dog eating dog-food. Let’s try ‘dog eating dog food’
Panda: OK.
Bunny: That one looks cute. Any more?
Panda: Let’s search for ‘dog eating’.
Bunny: Look there’s another one. Nice.

Learning Outcome

  • Find where to look.
  • Search at a suitable site.
  • Bookmark important sites. (Ex: this tutorial)
  • No need to type full sentences. You can even search with ‘dog eating’.
  • Note: In a situation you cannot find a free image or if the image you are looking for is not free, you have two choices.
    • Purchase it.
    • Create from free images (CC0 preferably).

Situation 02: Finding a Free or Open-source Audio Editor

Bunny has recorded an audio. Now bunny wants to edit it and do some background noise reduction.

Bunny: Do you know any free software that I can use for background noise reduction?
I have no idea. Why don’t we hunt for it.
Bunny: Oki Doki
Panda: Let’s create a search query. Let’s go through what you want.
Bunny: Okay.
Panda: What do you want?
Bunny: Free audio editor
Panda: For what?
Bunny: Noise reduction
Panda: We can use ‘free audio editor noise reduction’
Bunny: Is that enough? What about ‘I want a free audio editor that can do noise reduction ?’ or ‘Free audio editor for noise reduction’ ?
Panda: Nope. Just use the keywords. You don’t need to write sentences.

Looking for a free audio editor
Looking for a free audio editor

Panda: Oh there it is. A software called Audacity.
Bunny: Where can we get it?
Panda: Let’s check on Wikipedia and find the correct URL.
Bunny: There it is. Look it even has some content about online safety when downloading.

Learning Outcome

  • Create a list of what you want.
  • No need to type full sentences. Keywords are enough.
  • You can verify site URL’s using Wikipedia. (Avoid scams, etc.)
  • Bookmark or open tabs along the way so you can come back to important articles.
  • In this case if you actually bookmarked the first link. You don’t even need to search again for a tutorial.

Flow Chart of Internet Search Ninja

Combining my years of experience. I have created following flow chart. Download it. Print it. Laminate it. (Don’t know how to download it? Find out as an exercise). It will teach you quite a bit about how to improve google search results. Feel free to distribute it (Do not charge for this, Do not edit or remove the watermark. If you use it on your blog or anywhere else add a link to this post).

Internet Search Flow Chart of Master Ninjas
Internet Search Flow Chart of Master Ninjas

Search Ninja’s Site List

Web site Usage If you have trouble rephrasing. Use this to translate from your mother tongue to English. Videos. Duh! A free encyclopedia. Use this to verify websites URL when you are not sure. Open source projects with code. Awesome lists. Programming questions. Lot of links and lot of useful content. Software alternatives. Awesome search engine that doesn’t track you.
Also see: Free music Free images Free images Search for images (Might not be free)
Find similar images using reverse image search Research papers Research papers Browse here when the links are dead or sites are no longer available. This is an archive of the web. This site 🙂 We have cool tutorials and news articles.

Internet Search Ninja Tips and Tricks for Google

Here is a list of Google tips and tricks that you can use. Learn by doing and see how to improve google search results drastically!

Example Description
weather Search for weather in current location.
weather new york Weather in New York.
USD to SGD US dollars to Singapore dollars.
1 + 2 Simple calculation.
sin(30 deg) Sin of 30 degrees. You can search for lot more. Try them out.
define motivation What does motivation means?
where is the closest bank Find closest location of something (bank, restaurant, etc.)
ice cream sundae filetype:pdf Search for PDF files that are about ice cream sundaes.
python Search for ‘python’ in a given site.
heaarch medicn Google will suggest ‘headache medicine’. You don’t need to use proper spellings. (May not work all the time, use google translate to find a suitable keyword if you don’t know an English word).
queen of england No need to capitalize.
python -snake Ensure that word ‘snake’ is not in the results.
“panda bunny tech” Exact match.
tax Search for ‘tax’ in all government sites. Search other websites related to given website. In this case github.
smallest * in the world Use a wildcard character (*) to match anything between. This will find results to anything smallest. Get information about a site. Get google cache version of the site.
cupcake machine $50..$100 Search for cupcake machines that are between $50 to $100.
richard branson @twitter Search in social media for Richard Branson. Use @facebook for facebook.
#motivation Search for a given hash tag.
rent car OR van Search for ‘car’ or ‘van’.
laptop $400 Search for a price. Simply add the $.


Cheat Sheet: How to improve Google search results

Cry Baby to Internet Search Ninja Cheat Sheet
Cry Baby to Internet Search Ninja Cheat Sheet

Head over to: for latest version. (Look under releases)

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