iPhone X: Pricey, Classy and… Worth It?

Long-awaited, ultra-fantasized and oh so eye-wateringly pricey, the iPhone X is finally here and it’s redefining everything that makes a phone ‘smart’. This just isn’t your everyday mobile, the iPhone X is Apple’s latest super flagship device set to recreate innovation as we know it. So just what is it about the iPhone X that makes it so drool-worthy? We’re looking at a bunch of cool upgrades, high-tech features and also a prettier and slightly different looking body design.

No home button, edge-to-edge screen, eye-popping super retina display; the iPhone X comes with a few interesting touches that might just get you to empty out your vaults come next month

Screen and design

Flashy and undeniably sleek, the new iPhone X comes wrapped in smooth glass, both on its back and front surfaces. This all-new glossy feature promises the most durable glass to ever be used on a smart device and adds a sexy finish to the phone’s curvy edges. The glass topping boasts a fancy seven-layer color process that renders the sharpest and most accurate color hues while the reflective optical layer on the glass makes for an even more luxurious user experience along with water and dust resistant qualities.

A thin band of shiny surgical-grade stainless steel goes delicately around the phone, reinforcing the device while completing an already gorgeous design. The new edge-to-edge screen, never seen before on an iPhone appears in all its 5.8-inch OLED display glory and is spread across the entire front face of the device.

iphone x

This OLED display, or in Apple terms, the ‘Super Retina Display’ harnesses 2436 x 1125 resolution, ranking the iPhone X right on top in terms of color density, sheer clarity and superior brilliance. And then it also comes with Apple’s custom tech features; you get 3D touch and True Tone Automatic Calibration packed right in there.

The iPhone X will be available in 2 colors: space grey and silver, a bit of a letdown for Apple fans in love with the gold and rose gold finishes seen on the previous iPhones. The company just might release more colors later on down the line though, so you might want to keep your fingers crossed.

No home button

Gone are the days of home buttons using up valuable space on your smartphone screen. With the new iPhone X, Apple seems to have left its home buttons in the past and moved on to embrace the future. The home button on the iPhone X has been replaced with a simple upward swipe from the bottom of the device. You can also opt to wake up the screen by just picking it up or with a random swipe on the screen.

This also means that the tech giant is stepping away from its Touch ID technology, introducing Face ID as a new viable alternative.

iphone x

Face ID

This is basically a depth-sensitive front camera that will use your face to unlock your device. The True Depth Camera System housed within a small notch on the iPhone’s top packs a whole load of advanced sensors that uses an Infrared light projector to scan and authenticate your face. Now that’s actually pretty impressive, especially when you consider that Face ID works from all angles and lighting settings.

Aside from the infrared camera, there’s also a flood illuminator and a dot projector in the front camera that makes for an actually secure and easy way to unlock your device anywhere and anytime. You can now even set up Face ID to verify your Apple Pay transactions more easily than ever before. Another cool detail tied to Face ID on the iPhone X is the brand new Animojis feature. By tapping into your Face ID, Animojis can easily translate your facial expressions into emoji with a sweet unique spin.

iphone x


It goes without saying that this piece of opulent tech comes ultra-fully loaded. Say hello to a new A11 Bionic processor; we’re talking a 64-bit design, a double dose of high-performance processors, six cores and four high-efficiency cores. So more power, more speed and more tech, all wrapped in sleek, shiny glass. What’s not to love?

The 12-megapixel rear camera on the iPhone X also packs a punch with a dual lens that incorporates a rad f/2.4 telephoto lens. There are new color filters and an enhanced signal processor that can really take your photos to the next level. Better pixel processing, sharper autofocus even in low-light photography and all-round better HDR pictures are all possible with the newly re-designed rear camera. There’s even a new quad LED True Tone Flash that promises smoother pictures through improving lighting uniformity.

Video quality will also be better than ever before with developed video stabilization and 4K video capacity.

Then there’s wireless charging. The glass enclosed design on the iPhone X works brilliantly with today’s Qi standard. Apple also claims two hours of extra battery juice on the iPhone X as compared with the iPhone 7. And then, the new mobile comes with no headphone jack of course. No surprises there, just make sure you order your pair of wireless headphones along with the device.

Price and Release date

You can pre-order your device at the end of October. The iPhone X will begin rolling out in stores from November and starts at $999 for the 64GB version.

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