Game Changer: Razer Reveals New Razer Wolverine Ultimate Controller

The gaming fever is raging across the world and there’s just no sign of slowing down. Professional gamers and couch potatoes alike are chasing an unparalleled, luxurious gaming experience and they’re willing to roll out big bucks to do so. Gamers are clamoring for the next cool innovation and Razer is now ready to deliver. The mastermind behind several popular gaming peripherals has just introduced a brand new controller and it certainly looks spectacular. The Razer Wolverine Ultimate Controller comes for Xbox One and PC, and is totally loaded with the coolest of features.

The hottest new gaming sensation on the market, the new Razer Wolverine Ultimate controller takes customization to a whole new level

Razer’s flashy new controller comes with two swappable D-Pads, six different buttons, a number of adjustable thumbsticks and triggers that you can map for actions of your choice. Remapping can be done right on the controller or through the company’s Synapse Cloud Software. Like we said, it’s extremely customizable and is also ultra-cozy and incredibly precise.

razer wolverine ultimate controller

What’s more? There’s a 5mm microphone and headphone port along with a control panel for voice chat. The controller also comes with a braided fiber Micro-USB cable with quick release for charging while the different tactile switches ensure a truly engaging experience.

The device merges with Razer’s Synapse software to give you total control over the RGB lighting. You can try out a stunning selection of preset styles that includes everything from single colors, spectrum cycling options and even breathing or wave effects. You can actually gape your way through 16.8 million colors to find what works for you. Totally rad!

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate controller for Xbox One and PC rolls out at $160 dollars and will be available on the online market this September. Grab yours when you can and happy gaming!

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