Computer Programming for Beginners – Programming Foundations  #01

programming foundations

Let’s learn all about computer programming for beginners – Study the basic concepts and elements of programming on any platform using any language. Explore the different uses of different languages and learn how to decide on the right language for a given task. . Work with common processes such as loops, variables, conditions and memory. Familiarize yourself with the flow of a program and its structure. while exploring the dynamics of the program behind the scenes.

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TDD Python & Python Test – Part 01

Python 3 Testing and TDD

Let’s walk through TDD Python. Doing a Python test is very easy. I have written unit tests in Python, Java and C++, utilizing Google Test, Google Mock, JUnit, TestNG, Mockito and Powermock (Powermock+mockito). Python 3 is the easiest to test of them all. Python 3 being batteries included, comes with both a unit testing framework and a mocking framework. Let’s do some Test-Driven Development with Python 3.

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AI Revolution: Google AI Builds Its Own AI That Outperforms Human-Made Systems

Google AI

It’s not hard to see that Google’s got some big bucks simmering away under its AI research projects. And they certainly seem to be making good progress. Thanks to the creation of AutoML in May 2017 by the AI crunchers at Google Brain, we’ve got Artificial Intelligence that’s capable of creating its own AIs. So what’s new? Well, in a recent turn of events, Google AI has now progressed to creating a ‘child’ that surpasses every other human-made AI system like it. Continue reading

Facebook Offers New Facebook Live Screen Share Feature

Facebook Live screen share

Good old Facebook Live. It’s the feature you’ve always used to broadcast live video to friends and followers, and it now comes with a fresh new twist. In its never-ending quest to innovate the way we share information, Facebook has introduced a handy new feature that allows users to share their screens. And so starting from today, the new Facebook Live screen share feature enables Facebook users everywhere to directly share their screen with friends and followers. Continue reading