Reading Good Code: A Beginners Guide To Creating Flawless and Readable Code

One of my favorite books on coding is Clean Code by Robert C. Martin. Here’s one of the most important concepts that caught my eye: Readable code is important. You need to write code for people and not for machines. So what does reading good code have anything to do with writing it? Let’s find out.

Reading good code to become a good coder

Clean code is the ultimate weapon behind any successful software project. The stimulating power behind this concept is pretty simple. Any expert can tell you that the most time consuming task that a programmer takes on is to read code. The ability to read, analyze and write good code is the most important skill that a programmer could hope to harness.

Readability is crucial. More crucial than you might think. Why? Well, for starters, anyone maintaining your code should be able to understand and do any required editing without having to resort to aspirin! Seriously though. As John Woods emphasizes, always code as if the person who ends up maintaining your code is a violent psychopath who knows where you live. Yikes.

Well, think of it this way. Imagine that you have a hobby project. You expect no one else to take a look at it. You have it in a nice private github repository and it’s been sitting there for a good 12 months. Suddenly you feel like having another go at it, just for old times sake. Now you’re up to your elbows in code and trying to figure out what you’ve been doing. Would you understand your own code ? Readability is important.

Let’s look at it from another perspective. What would you do if you wanted to write selling poems? You’d be hunting down and reading good poems of course! Same goes for programming. If you want to write good code, you need to read good code. You can’t expect to see great results if you’ve never bothered to read good code from day one. Try to make it a little better and step up with each passing day. Always ask for more time for refactoring.

Refactor Code AlwaysIt’s best to start reading good code while you still have the time to do so. If you are an undergraduate, college student or a young enthusiast, then reading good code is the best way to get your career off the ground. Good luck! You can even try and contribute to open source projects to understand more, get free code reviews and get the hang of it.

Want to start reading good code ? Start with the following:

Code you should read:

  • Django source code – Python
  • requests – Python
  • flask – Python ( is a bloated however)
  • jQuery annotated source code – Javascript
  • Redux source code – Javascript
  • JUnit source code – Java
  • LeafPic – Java/Android
  • JSON.NET – C#
  • Haskell Read List – Haskell
  • Chromium – C++
  • Qt Source Code – C++ (One of the most beautiful code I’ve read)
  • Rosetta Code – Lot of languages

Books you should read:

  • Clean Code
  • Code Complete 2
  • Pragmatic Programmer

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  1. Writing code is easy but writing elegant code isn’t. No matter how much you improve it there’s always room for improvement.

    bhathiya@ Good job. Perhaps it’s time we continue the discussion you started and build up upon it.

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