Holographic Display Technology To Revolutionize Market: Meet Hydrogen One

The future of smart phones is finally here. The age of holographic display has arrived and it’s here to stay. Say hello to the enigmatic Hydrogen One, whose kick-ass features are only surpassed by its exorbitant price tag. So is it time to ditch that old mobile and cough up the pennies? Well, maybe. The Hydrogen One certainly packs a punch with impeccable 3D content and other off-the-chart features that would make most tech geeks drool.

Holographic display and 3D content is the now the way to go. Let’s see what the Hydrogen One has in store for you

Developed by the ingenious braniacs behind the superior RED cameras, this new development is certainly something to behold. A 5.7-inch display incorporates nanotechnology to creatively blend and switch between old-fashioned 2D content, multi-view content and way cool 3D content. Yep, that includes jaw-dropping options for interactive gaming.

holographic display

Aside from the holographic display, the Hydrogen One also claims to feature technology that’s never ever been seen before. The display is apparently completely non-lenticular but aside from this fact, nothing really seems to have been set in stone. The company is seemingly also working on an algorithm that can convert ordinary stereo sound into multi-dimensional audio that would work well with the holographic display.

The Hydrogen One, as of now features a USB type-C, a headphone jack and just a slight camera bump. You can also insert a microSD card for more storage.

Price and Release Date?

RED is going with a hefty price tag for its 3D content supporting, holographic display imbued beast. So yeah we’re looking at $1195 for the aluminum version of the Hydrogen One and $1595 for the titanium product. The company plans to begin rolling out the smartphone in early 2018, and you can actually pre-order it right now on the RED website.

Image Source: http://www.red.com/hydrogen

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