Phablet Fever: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Revealed

The wraps have just been taken off the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the suspense is almost tangible. Phablet fans everywhere are expecting a massive difference over last year’s disastrous Note 7 (can you say ouch?), and Samsung is now ready to deliver. From the top of the phablet’s dual cameras and sleek, glossy edges down to the tip of its upgraded stylus, everything about the device screams a solid price tag.

It’s official. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is on its way to the market and it’s totally loaded. Here’s everything you need to know

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
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The Note 8 comes on the heels of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus which were released successfully earlier this year. It looks a lot like the Galaxy S8 Plus with its delicate glass and metal build, except for its size which is a tad bigger.

So what can exactly can you expect from Samsung’s curvy new flagship phablet? Well, the phone certainly ticks off every check box for the brands tech-hungry consumers. You’re looking at a gigantic 6.3-inch Super AMOLED Infinity Display that gives you almost total screen space by keeping bezels to the bare minimum. And when it comes to phablets, bigger is definitely better. The screen boasts a fantastic QHD+ (2960 x 1440) resolution with 521ppi pixel density; a truly luxurious feature for watching movies on the go.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 also boasts a state of the art processor, cutting-edge handset, water resistance and of course, wireless charging. The device comes with external storage and Samsung’s Always On Display feature. Aside from all the benefits you usually gain from this technology, now you can also take notes with your S Pen without turning your Note 8 on. The battery on the phablet is notably smaller than the Note 7 – a sign that Samsung is taking no chances on repeating its previous mistake.

samsung galaxy note 8
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As for the pen itself, you’ll be trading bucks for a finer tip and pumped up pressure sensitivity; features that have been fine-tuned to create maximum precision. Another cool new feature is that you can now draw pictures and send them as animated gifs. Wicked!

On the downside, the fingerprint sensor is still on the rear of the phone which is rather disappointing. The device still does look promising though, and is definitely a great pick for users looking for that extra touch of performance.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Price and Release Date

The device starts rolling out on September 15 in the US and UK, and September 22 in Australia. The phablet will set you back $930. And that’s not too shocking if you remember that the Note series have always been pretty pricey. Anyways, it will be interesting to see how well the Note 8 does and if it will manage to outshine the competition. Samsung is also offering a bunch of gifts if you place your order before September ends, so if you want the Note 8, make sure you nab the deal asap!

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