Tech Talk: Samsung to Release New Gear S Smartwatch Next Week

Well, the news is in and things are certainly looking up for all the Samsung lovers out there. Rumor has it that the tech giant is all set to launch the latest flashy Gear S Smartwatch next week at the IFA 2017. Question is, should you be excited? We’ll let you decide. Here’s everything we know.

Samsung’s next Gear S Smartwatch will likely roll out with a handful of cool upgrades and catchy features

The company still hasn’t shed a lot of light on its next cutting-edge piece of brand new techwear. But it would be a safe bet to expect Bixby, Samsung’s smart assistant back in the game. You can also expect the usual upgrades; longer battery juice and feistier processors. The reveal is scheduled to happen mere days ahead of Apple’s new techwear release for this year, giving Samsung a week’s worth boost ahead of its main competitor.

Gear S Smartwatch

The new Gear S will be launched at next week’s IFA 2017, just like all its predecessors over the previous years. Keep your fingers crossed for an impressive debut!

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