Sega Genesis Flashback console to hit the market with 85 built-in games

What’s that you say? Retro Gaming is the next cool thing? We couldn’t agree more. The year is certainly looking up for all the hard-core gamers out there. With all the buzz over the X-box Game Pass and Nintendo’s Classic Games Selection, retro game lovers are looking at what could possible be a revolution in the gaming universe. And now, we’ve got the Sega Genesis Flashback to keep us hooked to our screens.

Sega Genesis Flashback Console: What to Know

AtGames fans finally have something to cheer about. The Sega Genesis Flashback console is so much better than you dreamed it would be, and could even give Nintendo a run for its money come September. The design on the console looks pretty much the same as it did when first released over 15 years ago. So what’s new?

Well for starters, you’ll be having 85 awesome built-in games to sate your appetite for all things retro. You can count on top games like the Phantasy Star series, Mortal Kombat and even Sonic the Hedgehog to be available. The full list of games has been released by AtGames and can be viewed here.

Sega Genesis Flashback

Sega Genesis Flashback Console: Features

There’s a neat cartridge port you can use to plug in and play games from your old Sega Genesis cartridges. Because hey, you can never have too much retro gaming right? What’s more, you’ll be able to leave your days of buying pricey wireless controllers behind you. This beefed-up console comes with a pair of wireless 2.4 GHz controllers. Yea, wireless. How cool is that? You’ll also find two controller ports if you want to want to go ahead and use those your old-timey wired controllers.

You can also expect an output of 720p HDMI and scan line filtering technology that’s going to give these classic games a whole new feel. There’s even a cool feature for saving, pausing and rewinding the game. Now that’s how you do retro gaming in style!

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