AI Revolution: Google AI Builds Its Own AI That Outperforms Human-Made Systems

Google AI

It’s not hard to see that Google’s got some big bucks simmering away under its AI research projects. And they certainly seem to be making good progress. Thanks to the creation of AutoML in May 2017 by the AI crunchers at Google Brain, we’ve got Artificial Intelligence that’s capable of creating its own AIs. So what’s new? Well, in a recent turn of events, Google AI has now progressed to creating a ‘child’ that surpasses every other human-made AI system like it. Continue reading

Furtastic or what? Google Photos can recognize your pets now

Google Photos recognizes pets

Google Photos is great. We use it to keep track of everyone’s photos, from cute snaps of Mom, Dad down to uncle Joe in his green pajamas. The app has them categorized and stored neatly away so we can always find them with the swipe of a finger. But what about our cuddly fur babies? Too long have their pictures been scattered all over your photo galleries, but no more… With this latest update on Google Photos, you can now see all your cute pawsome pictures in just one place. Continue reading

Google releases latest Android appetizer: Meet Android Oreo

Android Oreo

The reign of the Android Oreo has now officially begun. Everyone loves those cream-filled crunchies of deliciousness and Google is now bringing on the sweetness to boost its Android game. The new upgrade was released mere days ago and is rolling out to millions of Android devices as we speak. The Oreo update certainly brings a bunch of cool features to Android users out there. So what does this mean for you? Let’s explore. Continue reading