Windows 10 Creators Update: All You Need to Know

It’s the dawn of a new age for Windows 10 users all over the world. The flashy new Windows 10 Creators Update has been rolling out since spring, and it comes with a lot to ogle over. Wherever the revolution is headed, this new Windows version is certainly like nothing that’s ever been seen before. We’re looking at totally rad updates, new features and handy tweaks that are constantly creating an ever-new user experience.

Unlocking creative barriers and unleashing soulful innovation; the Windows 10 Creators Update is your key to the world’s next big imaginative breakthrough. Let’s see what this update brings to the game

Interestingly, the first thing you’re going to notice is that the new upgrade looks like just so much fun. Gone are Microsoft’s days of stark professionalism; now it’s all about loving what you do and doing it with passion. We couldn’t agree more. And if you’re now feeling like getting yourself a piece of the action, note that you can’t get Windows 10 for free at this point. You’re looking at a price tag of $200 for Windows 10 Pro or $120 for the Windows 10 Home version.

Windows 10 Creators Update Privacy Settings

But then again we’d say it’s definitely worth all the hype and your cash. If you already own the OS, you can get the Windows 10 Creators Update automatically (just like I did on my Asus ROG). Just make sure that your updates are enabled though.

The Windows 10 Creators Update: Features?

Hands down, this is probably the coolest Windows update ever. There’s lots of fresh features and new exciting options never ever seen before on Windows. But what we’ve been looking forward to most is the neat possibility of 3D content creation. Sadly, it isn’t quite what we hoped for, with the tech giant still appearing to be working on some critical elements. However, what you’re getting is still actually amazing and available to everyone using Windows 10 on any machine.

Windows 10 Creators Update Maps


What’s more? Maps is now open to you with a cool new upgrade. You can ink right on top of your map to link locations, allowing the app to calculate distances plus possible routes between the set locations.

Windows 10 Creators Update Game Mode

(Source: Howtogeek)

The Windows 10 Creators Update also brings a couple fresh contributions to the gaming fanatics out there. For desktop machines and laptops on the low end of the graphics spectrum, the new Game Mode will create a fantastic smooth gaming experience. Then there’s the Beam game stream option, where you can stream all the games in the world just the way you want it. Yep, it’s an interactive wonder, meaning that you can game and communicate with strangers out there.

Windows 10 Creators Update Drawing

(Source: Microsoft)

You can now also scribble what you like on both photos and even videos with your finger, mouse or pen. It gets even better when you realize that you can control exactly how and when your scrawls pop up and vanish away. Pretty neat huh? The new update truly does seem to serve up the key to your creative freedom on a silver platter. There’s also a collection of brilliant themes that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. These awesome themes bring your PC to life with beautiful backgrounds and even sounds that match.

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